Changes To Sandee’s Calendar

Hi I’m Matt and I am happy to be publishing this event calendar. I met with Sandee this week to accept the hand-off of this Mineral Point event calendar project and we had fun! We met at Tony’s Tap in Mineral Point then made our way to my office for better wifi connectivity.

I’m busy building the first mini-newsletter which I plan to publish this weekend and will be sending an introduction to myself on this event calendar project, coupled with a reminder to the newsletter subscribers of the first due date at the end of Feb. for our 1st March issue. My plan is to publish 2x per month starting in March, 2017.

Recent Changes To The Website

I’m continuing to work with Sandee as I rebrand this MP Event Calendar to something like “Get To The Point!” (LOL) but starting in March, I will ask our newsletter subscribers for their input on a new name for Sandee’s Calendar.

Some of these changes are intended to focus this events calendar more on Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

Relating to this website – on the local links webpage and on the sidebar…

Artwork by Max Fernekes

Artwork by Max Fernekes

This week, I’m reaching out to Mineral Point area contacts to give them access to the MP Events Google Calendar. This enables users to  add their local events directly to the Calendar. After the calendar user creates a new event, they are also instructed to follow that up with an email including their event info to so that I can include their event in the next newsletter.

Thank you for sticking with me as I jump start Sandee’s Calendar and I look forward to promoting all things #MineralPointWisconsin with you.


4 responses to “Changes To Sandee’s Calendar

  1. Hi Matt, is it just Mineral Point or the surrounding areas as well whatever was included before!?

  2. Hi Matt,
    Great job so far! I live in Dodgeville and Sandee’s calendar has always been helpful to find out what’s going on in the area. While you are openly partial to MP (it is a great town, no doubt), I hope that you can be inclusive of events in Dodgeville and Spring Green (and the area) as well. Folks living outside of MP will be less interested if this becomes focused mostly on MP.

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