Visit The Usonian Inn located in Spring Green, Wisconsin

The Usonian Inn is Spring Green’s first original Talliesin inspired inn, and the ONLY USONIAN Motel in the World. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, J C Caraway; the project started in 1948 and it in operation in 1952; after it gone under some refurbishing phases and some makeovers sessions now offers accommodations for the 21st century’s needs.

The Usonian Inn LLC
E5116 Us Highway 14
Spring Green, Wisconsin
(608) 588-2323



Listed on the National Register and Wisconsin State Register of Historic Places under the original name of Rest Heaven Motel.

Visit their Website | Check Availability & Rates | Join them on Facebook

It’s perfect for Frank Lloyd Wright’s fans, it’s charming, build with the organic concept in mind, a sustainable property with green practices that combines the ambiance and nostalgia of the old era with a touch of modern and personalized services of today’s lifestyle’s expectations and the comfort of your own home.



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